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Video Marketing

Get ready to promote your brand with live streaming and make it popular among your target audience.

Business Amoeba for your Video Marketing needs

The definition of video marketing is not complex. In fact, it’s rather simple: using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. A strong marketing campaign incorporates video into the mix.

We help you promote your brand and deliver a strong appearance among your target audience

Business Amoeba is the leading video marketing agency. Videos engage audiences much faster and it has been estimated that ordinary people spend 3.1 times more time on the video than on websites. Hence, it can be used effectively to improve your business.

Videos in the demo or explainer videos are becoming popular as people research their product before buying it thus leading to increased conversions and resulting in better ROI.

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is a smart move. Business Amoeba tends to create engaging videos for your video marketing campaigns, including social media and website videos.

Our Core Video Marketing Offerings

We offer video content that can be shared on social media or embedded in blog posts which can be consumed across different platforms in a visually compelling way.

Animated Videos

We create amazing videos that capture the attention of your customers creatively. Our videos target consumers, they are fine-tuned from every aspect to the best shopping experience.

Commercial Videos

Our professionals work with the latest video-editing software and they develop creative concepts, shoot footage and add visual effects with the highest of standards.

Corporate Videos

We offer corporate videos in the form of 3D and 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, etc. which are informative, engaging, and creative. These videos tell about your USP to people.

Explainer Videos

We offer explainer videos in a simple format that helps in closing more leads and reaching new audiences and getting more traffic on your business website.

Product Demo Videos

We offer product demo videos which people usually refer to when making a purchase decision. The videos we offer are the critical touchpoints for the shoppers in the B2B and B2C industries.

Product Launch Videos

We make product launch videos that can be used by your brand to commercialize the launch of a new product. It can help in building brand awareness and can explain your product to prospective clients.

Testimonial Videos

We create the best quality customer interview videos which are informative and offer a lot of variety. They are engaging and suit your company’s needs.

Whiteboard Videos

We create videos to explain the topics or stories using static images drawn in real-time. We cover every intricacy of the video to make it look subtler.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose a video marketing agency?

The following points are considered while choosing a video marketing agency:

  • Ask about their creative philosophy
  • Ask about their team
  • Ask about their collaboration process


How video marketing is useful to you?

86% of marketing experts use video marketing in their marketing campaigns as consumers like to see video ads from brands. ‍Websites with relevant videos are likely to have high conversion rates. A thing to consider is that YouTube has 2.1 billion active users, and they use it as a search engine.

Are video ads effective?

Advertisers can engage and convert prospects better using video ads. They are also shareable and have a high click-through rate.

How long should be a marketing video?

Platforms such as Instagram feeds, or Reels have time limits of 60 seconds. Video advertisements can be 6 seconds long.

What kind of videos attract most of the audience?

It depends on the brand and what purpose it serves. News and comedy videos attract more audiences. The key is to make the content as engaging as possible.